Compensation Disclosure

A.G.I.A., Inc. (“AGIA”) may receive commission and other forms of compensation for our services from the insurance carriers we work with. AGIA might receive this compensation in a number of ways, including commissions paid by an insurer or negotiated fees paid alternatively or in addition to commissions.

Commissions that AGIA may receive are fully earned at the beginning of the insurance program, and AGIA is authorized to retain such commissions in the event of a midterm cancellation of coverage or a reduction in coverage resulting in a premium adjustment, unless prohibited by our contractual agreements with insurers or state or federal laws. AGIA may be eligible to receive other forms of compensation such as incentive payments, bonuses and/or supplemental commissions from insurance companies, intermediaries or other third parties, depending on the terms of our contractual agreements with such.

If you have any questions about the compensation AGIA receives as it relates to your business, please contact your AGIA representative.